Quality Conservatory Design & Installation

A much sought after home improvement, the conservatory is an ever popular build. Our conservatories are entirely bespoke. We design and build conservatories for you – nothing from us is off the peg! We’ve worked on all kinds of conservatories with all kinds of different designs, but all with high quality in common.

Conservatories can give you that much needed extra bit of space and even add value to your home too. Up to a certain size, you might not need to get planning permission so the process is usually quick.

Our Process

We follow a simple 3 step process for all of our customers, our team will understand your needs and recommend the best options sympathetic to your property from form and design to materials and functions.

1 – Survey

To start we’ll come out to your property to chat with you about what you want from your conservatory. What are your favourite types of designs? What are you going to use the room for? Where would you prefer the doors? We’ll also do all the obligatory housekeeping and check that you’re not going to be bound by restrictions on your home, planning permission or roads and paths etc.

2 – Plans and Quote

We take your ideas back to the office and draw up some plans. We use dedicated software to create images of how we expect the conservatory to look too, so you can get a good idea of what to expect. Once you’ve approved the plans and quote, we’ll move on to the build! No work starts until our customers are happy with the quote we’ve given.

3 – Build

Finally it’s the build. We take care of everything including the electrics, the central heating and plastering – every last detail! We work quickly and efficiently in your home, aiming to be as unimposing as possible. Your completed conservatory comes with a 10 year guarantee, backed by HomePro Insurance.

Conservatory Styles

Victorian Style Conservatory


Probably the most popular design, the Victorian conservatory has a traditional bay front with high roofs and, often, ornate detailing on top.


These conservatories are square or rectangular in shape, giving you a little more space.

Edwardian Style Conservatory
Georgian Style Conservatory


Georgian conservatories are also square or rectangular in shape but feature bar detailing on the windows.


You might want something completely different that strays from the three traditional styles. In this case we’ll work with you to design something new.
Modern Style Conservatory

Tiled Roof Conservatory

The most common problem with conservatories is temperature – too cold during the winter months and too warm in the summertime. Sound familiar? If you’ve experienced this issue, it’s likely you find that the room is totally unusable for large chunks of the year.

Many older conservatories were built with either glass or polycarbonate roofs, which we now know is not the optimum material. Replacing the old roof with a tiled one will provide better insulation, addressing the temperature problems, giving you more time to spend in your conservatory and increasing energy efficiency too.

Why Choose a Tiled Roof?

  • Fully insulated and far more energy efficient than glass or polycarbonate roofs
  • Allows you to use the room throughout the year
  • Helps to reduce outside noise levels
  • Usually no need for planning permission
  • Optional velux windows to let in more light
  • Built in full compliance with the most recent building regulations
  • Tiles are matched to fit in with your home
  • Plaster finishes inside
  • Adds another reception room, and potentially more value, to your home
  • Full building control approval and certification

Conservatory Repairs

Having spent money investing in your conservatory, you’ll want to keep it in good shape. They can end up damaged from wear and tear, just like the rest of your home. Keeping up with repairs and general maintenance is the best way to ensure you can get the most out of your conservatory and keep it looking pristine too.

If you’re experiencing problems with your conservatory, we can help. With a wealth of experience, we’re often able to diagnose the problem from your description or a photograph. If that’s not the case, we’ll come out to your property to find out more. From here we’ll advise on the best methods to repair your conservatory and prepare a full quote before work begins on your home.

Common Repairs:

  • Leaking roofs
  • Damaged guttering
  • Broken or damaged parts
  • Holes in the glazing
  • Wind damaged cresting

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