Orangerie Design & Build

Orangeries are one of the most popular ways to extend your home. They were first constructed back in the 17th century as a room used to protect fruit trees during the colder months, but today they are added to homes across the globe to create some extra living space. Made mostly of brick, an orangery is a sturdy construction that will blend seamlessly into your home. Often you don’t need planning permission to build one and so they are a simple and economic way to gain some more space.

Our Process

Step One:

All of our orangeries are bespoke. We don’t believe one size fits all, so we’ll begin by visiting your home and talking to you about what you’re hoping to build and where it will be.

Step Two:

After our initial conversations, we’ll draw up plans complete with images that show you what you can expect from your new orangery. The idea of orangeries is that they match your existing home, so we carefully match the brick and any other materials with your style of property. We’ll also use the most thermally efficient materials and design for your requirements.

Step Three:

Once you’re happy with the plans we’ll move onto the build. Our highly qualified team will work quickly, quietly and efficiently in your home on all aspects of the orangery. We take care of it all. This includes heating, plastering and electrics. Your orangery is guaranteed with us for 10 years.

What’s the Difference Between an Orangery and Conservatory?

Both are great options to quickly and inexpensively extend your home but there are some big differences between the two structures. An orangery has walls made of brick with large windows and a roof, often flat, partially made of glass. A conservatory’s roof is pitched and often glazed (though it can also be tiled) and the walls are made from glass with a brick base.

Benefits of an Orangery

Extra Room

An orangery gives you that extra little bit of space we all long for! By adding it on to your kitchen or living area, you’ll make the whole of your downstairs feel spacious.

Boost Value

All this extra room can add value to your property if you decide to sell in future.

Substantial Structure

Constructed from brick, it’s a substantial but economical extension to your home with potential for multiple uses.

Natural Light

The majority of the orangery will be made of bricks but you can incorporate lots of large windows which let in the natural light.

Wow Factor

A well designed and well constructed orangery will be an elegant and sophisticated extension to your home - a real focal point!